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Majestone of Paradise

Urantia Planetary Government of Nebadon
Adjudication Of Urantia Universal Resources

The Judgment of Urantia (Earth) will be conducted very soon.

The Adjudication Services will be performed fairly by an experienced panel of Universal beings approved, authorized & qualified by the Paradise Trinity & the Ancients of Days of Orvonton.

All people will be given proper defense & representation.

International Red Alert Systems

All humans who were government employees will be given stricter guidelines.

All humans who were law enforcement will also be judged separately and with very strict guidelines. Abusive of power will not be tolerated.

Also, lawyers will be given strict enforcement.

All religionists will be considered according to spirit values.

On the opposite side Atheists will be dealt with as expected.

Children will be given consideration in regards to their environment and parenting.

Please remember God is no respecter of persons.  

So don’t expect any favoritism.

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Gabriel of Nebadon will be given the Call of Trumpets when Judgment begins.

All mortals will be restrained according to universal procedure.

There is no escaping this judgment!!

From The Urantia Book

Paper 22 The Trinitized Sons of God

3. Those High in Authority

(246.2) 22:3.1 Those High in Authority, the second group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment, are all Adjuster-fused beings of mortal origin. These are the perfected mortals who have exhibited superior administrative ability and have shown extraordinary executive genius throughout their long ascending careers. They are the cream of governing ability derived from the surviving mortals of space.

(246.3) 22:3.2 Seventy thousand of Those High in Authority are trinitized at each Trinity liaison. Though the local universe of Nebadon is a comparatively young creation, it has representatives among a recently trinitized class of this order. There are now commissioned in Orvonton more than ten billion of these skillful administrators. Like all separate orders of celestial beings, they maintain their own headquarters on Uversa, and like the other Trinity-embraced sons, their reserves on Uversa act as the central directing body of their order in Orvonton.

(246.4) 22:3.3 Those High in Authority are administrators without limitation. They are the everywhere-present and always-efficient executives of the Ancients of Days. They serve on any sphere, on any inhabited world, and in any phase of activity in any of the seven superuniverses.

(246.5) 22:3.4 Having superb administrative wisdom and unusual executive skill, these brilliant beings assume to present the cause of justice in behalf of the superuniverse tribunals; they foster the execution of justice and the rectification of misadaptations in the evolutionary universes. Therefore, if you should ever be cited for errors of judgment while you are ascending the worlds and spheres of your ordained cosmic progression, it is hardly likely that you would suffer injustice since your prosecutors would be onetime ascendant creatures who are personally familiar with every step of the career you have traversed and are traversing.

4. Those Without Name and Number

(246.6) 22:4.1 Those without Name and Number constitute the third and last group of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment; they are the ascendant souls who have developed the ability to worship beyond the skill of all the sons and daughters of the evolutionary races from the worlds of time and space. They have acquired a spiritual concept of the eternal purpose of the Universal Father which comparatively transcends the comprehension of the evolutionary creatures of name or number; therefore are they denominated Those without Name and Number. More strictly translated, their name would be “Those above Name and Number.”

(247.1) 22:4.2 This order of sons is embraced by the Paradise Trinity in groups of seven thousand. There are of record on Uversa over one hundred million of these sons commissioned in Orvonton.

(247.2) 22:4.3 Since Those without Name and Number are the superior spiritual minds of the survival races, they are especially qualified to sit in judgment and to render opinions when a spiritual viewpoint is desirable, and when experience in the ascendant career is essential to an adequate comprehension of the questions involved in the problem to be adjudicated. They are the supreme jurors of Orvonton. A maladministered jury system may be more or less of a travesty of justice on some worlds, but on Uversa and its extension tribunals we employ the highest type of evolved spiritual mentality as juror-judges. Adjudication is the highest function of any government, and those who are intrusted with verdict rendering should be chosen from the highest and most noble types of the most experienced and understanding individuals.

(247.3) 22:4.4 The selection of candidates for the trinitization classes of Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number is inherent and automatic. The selective techniques of Paradise are not in any sense arbitrary. Personal experience and spiritual values determine the personnel of the Trinitized Sons of Attainment. Such beings are equal in authority and uniform in administrative status, but they all possess individuality and diverse characters; they are not standardized beings. All are characteristically different, depending on the differentials of their ascendant careers.

(247.4) 22:4.5 In addition to these experiential qualifications, the Trinitized Sons of Attainment have been trinitized in the divine embrace of the Paradise Deities. Consequently they function as the co-ordinate associates of the Stationary Sons of the Trinity, for the Trinity embrace does seem to precipitate out of the stream of future time many of the unrealized potentials of creature beings. But this is true concerning only that which pertains to the present universe age.

(247.5) 22:4.6 This group of sons is chiefly, but not wholly, concerned with the services of the ascendant career of the time-space mortals. If the viewpoint of a mortal creature is ever in doubt, the question is settled by appeal to an ascendant commission consisting of a Mighty Messenger, One High in Authority, and One without Name and Number.

(247.6) 22:4.7 You mortals who read this message may yourselves ascend to Paradise, attain the Trinity embrace, and in remote future ages be attached to the service of the Ancients of Days in one of the seven superuniverses, and sometime be assigned to enlarge the revelation of truth to some evolving inhabited planet, even as I am now functioning on Urantia.

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